• Resources


    Resources - College

    Texas Common Application                                         www.applytexas.org

    Federal Student Aid                                                     www.ed.gov.studentaid

    Texas Tomorrow Fund                                                www.tea.state.tx.us/page.aspx?id=1742

    Texas Guaranteed Loan Program                                 www.tgslc.org/

    College for Texans                                                      www.collegefortexans.com/

    American Universities                                                  www.clas.ufl.edu.au/

    The Chronicle of Higher Education                               http://chronicle.com

    Kaplan Education Centers                                           www.kaplan.com/testpreparation/

    Money for College K-12                                             http://money.cnn.com

    Opportunities for 1st Generation and Minorities            www.csocollegecenter.org

    Plan, Find, Apply, Pay for College                               http://apps.collegeboard.com

    Planning for college                                                      www.collegeanswers.com/index.jsp

    Resources for students/parents                                     www.supercollege.com

    Scholarship search                                                       www.brokescholar.com

    Search colleges, careers, financial aid                           www.colleges.com

    Search for scholarships, loans, test prep, colleges         www.careersandcolleges.com

    Best colleges                                                                www.usnews.com

    Campus tours and information                                      www.campustours.com

    College guide for students and parents                          www.petersons.com

    College, Financial aid, ACT/SAT tips                           www.gocollege.com

    English-Spanish guide to colleges                                  www.collegefortexans.com

    Financial information                                                     www.savingforcollege.com

    Free scholarship search                                                www.scholarships.com

    Free scholarship search                                                www.collegescholarships.com

    4Steps to College                                                         www.knowhowtogo.org

    Adventures in Education                                               www.aie.org

    College and Career Search                                           www.nextstepu.com

    Funds for College                                                         www.tuitionfundingsources.com

    Funds for College                                                         www.schoarshipexperts.com

    Funds for College                                                         www.schoolsoup.com

    Princeton Review                                                          www.princetonreview.com

    Achiever McBeaver                                                      www.achievermcbeaver.com

    Texas GEAR UP                                                          www.texasgearup.com


    Resources - Career

    America’s Career InfoNet                                            www.acinet.org/acinet

    Career and Educational Planning                                   www.mychildsfuture.org/parents

    Career Planning System                                                www.kuder.com

    Career Exploration                                                       www.kapow.org

    Occupational Outlook Handbook                                 www.bls.gov/oco

    Career Education Resources                                         www.allcareerschools.com

    Texas College & Career Readiness Standards               www.txccrs.org/resources/for-students.htm


    Resources - Elementary

    Child Success                                                               www2.ed.gov/parents/academic/help/hyc.html

    Starfall                                                                          www.starfall.com