• History of Huckabay

    The small town of Huckabay was founded in the late eighteen hundreds.  Gerldine Griswold wrote of how the community was started by John A. Huckabay, Ben Fincher, John and W.C. Copeland, John Gentry, Abe Metsgar, John W. Jones and others who were moving west from Arkansas and Tennessee. The head of the Bosque was where they settled, which was known as "Flatwoods", but was changed to Huckabay when John Huckabay established a post office.  Each family claimed one hundred and sixty acres, which was where they built their homes.  After the settlers had dug their wells and built their homes, churches, schools and other public buildings began to go up.

Downtown Huckabay
  • Historic Businesses of Huckabay

    The families that started settling the land that we know as Huckabay, worked hard to build buildings and dig wells.  A smoke house and a storm cellar were the first buildings to go up.  The smoke house was where the citizens put fresh meat to begin curing.  The storm cellar was a place to store produce and provide protection from the elements.

    In the late 1870's, the community began to expand. The first general store was opened by G.W. Glenn in 1878. With the purchase of a gin, by Bill Rigsby in 1879, cotton was the primary industry of the town. This was briefly replaced by peanuts until the dairy industry took over, which still remains important to the community.



Downtown Huckabay
  • Religions of Huckabay

    Huckabay, being a small community, did not have many churches.  The Church of Christ was one of the early churches, built in 1876.  The community also had two other churches: the Baptist church, organized by Joe Lockhar, and the Methodist church, organized by John Haven.

    Three acres, only costing one hundred dollars, was purchased in 1910 in order to build a tabernacle.  The tabernacle was used for various community and religious activities.  Although it is over ninety years old, it still stands today.  The antique structure is used for annual Huckabay Homecoming Reunions and many other school and community affairs.

    Today, the Huckabay Baptist Church and the Huckabay Church of Christ continue to hold regular services, located only a few hundred yards from the tabernacle.

Huckabay Gin