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Senior Slideshow Photos

Posted Date: 11/07/2023

Senior Slideshow Photos

The time has come for you to submit your pictures and song of choice for the senior slideshow. Submit your song choice using the Google form link below. 


You can submit up to 20 photos in total for your personal section. You can use the pictures to grow yourself up, feature yourself with family members, at school events, or with friends, etc. Each Senior will receive one minute of time for their slides. The length of time slides remain on the screen will be based on how many pictures are submitted (ie: 20 photos means 3 seconds per slide). If you want to reserve some of your photo count for senior photos, that is fine, submit everything BUT those.


If possible, please submit digital copies of your photos. I have created a shared folder in your Google Drive titled with your name. You should have an email regarding the shared folder in your inbox. Please upload your photos into the folder and notify me via email once complete. If you need assistance with this, please contact Mrs. Parks - ( ). If your photos need to be scanned, please bring them in an envelope with your name on the back of each photo and on the envelope.