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Graduation plans

Planning to attend college can not begin to early. A solid foundation throughout elementary and middle school is important for planning high school courses and college readiness. 

State Graduation Requirements

Dual Credit/Enrollment

One way to earn college credit is by taking dual credit courses. Huckabay High School currently offers dual credit courses through Weatherford College and Ranger College.

Automatic Admission

The highest ranking graduate at each Texas public high school receives a certificate from the Texas Education Agency that can be used as a scholarship to cover tuition costs at any Texas public college or university.

Students ranked in the to 10 percent of their graduating class from an accredited public or private Texas high school are eligible for automatic admission to any Texas public university.

Graduation Checklist

  • Keep track of your high school credits to be sure you will meet all local and state requirements by the end of your senior year
  • Consider taking dual enrollment/college courses to earn college credit while still in high school
  • Begin keeping a list of the awards and honors you receive (handy for scholarship applications) as well as extracurricular activities
  • Explore your interests and take advantage of College/Career Day opportunities
  • Check with your advisor’s office to learn about available scholarships. Be sure to begin applying early and for as many scholarships as possible. Do not limit yourself just to local scholarships.

FASFA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid) Checklist

  • House Bill 3 requires all seniors to either fill out a FASFA form or complete the Opt-Out form prior to graduation.
  • Parents and students please attend the FASFA night at Huckabay ISD on November 10th, 2022. Please bring your laptop and required documents.